Contemporary Design Fundamentals In Furniture World


In today’s world, the word contemporary has become synonymous with furniture. Contemporary furniture has its ever-expanding fanbase, where everyone desires to bring in these dynamic pieces for their spaces. But many of us still aren’t aware of the crux of contemporary style and how to use contemporary furniture in our spaces. Furthermore, we still confuse contemporary with modern furniture.

Today let’s together get all the answers with The Master Crafts and gain knowledge on the fundamentals of contemporary style furniture and its designs. 

What is Contemporary Furniture?

Contemporary furniture is a blend of various styles with the essence of keeping the furniture minimalist. To put it in a nutshell, contemporary designs take inspiration from what is trending in today’s furniture world. 

To identify whether a furniture piece is contemporary, look for these features and characteristics –

  • Use of natural materials like – glass, wood, and raw metals like steel. Or a combination of wood with metal, like our sturdy stools

What is the difference between Contemporary and Modern furniture?

As stated above, contemporary furniture is basically designed from what is trending in today’s furniture world. Moreover, the two pillars of contemporary designs are minimalism and simplicity. Whereas, modern furniture includes all these, plus art decor and ornamental designs. To conclude, modern furniture sticks to a particular design scheme, and contemporary styled furniture is more free-flowing.  

How to use contemporary Furniture in your space?

The first fundamental of creating a theme is that all the elements should be in sync, especially while placing furniture. Indigenous look, completely functional, and easy to clean are the main characteristics of contemporary furniture, and one can achieve this look by following these steps – 

Straight lines and smooth textures:

Contemporary furniture is all about clean lines and effortless textures. Chairs, tables, sofas are raised above the floor for about an inch on lean legs to give the furniture a light and aerial finish.

Minimum accessorizing: 

Contemporary furniture doesn’t need numerous accessories around it. You can keep one or two art decor pieces in your space that stand out and give a contrasting look to your overall space. Moreover, contemporary furniture stands out when left clean and unpretentious. 

Light color palette: 

Neutral colors like soothing white tone and beige rule in contemporary furniture. These colors make the space brighter and calmer at the same time. And like stated above, you can always keep one or two popping-colored pieces like sculptures or vibrant color cushions to make them the center of attraction. 

Natural lighting: 

Once placing the furniture, make sure it is kept in a well-lit room. Contemporary furniture looks best where there is natural lighting. Prefer keeping it in a place where there are large windows and with glass doors. Make sure the whole theme of your space is simple and polished. 

Contemporary Furniture at The Master Crafts:

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Hope, today’s blog was helpful. We at The Master Crafts aspire to give life to furniture without compromising product quality. Visit our facebook page and check out our entire collection.

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