Vastu tips for your cafe & Restaurants

A well-maintained and attractive restaurant is what everyone seeks to enjoy the meal of the day. Whether you’re buying a building for your restaurant or going to construct one, it is important to focus on its Vastu Shastra. Here are some Vastu tips for your cafes & restaurants explained below

Entrance of your Restaurant

The restaurant entrance must be in the north or east direction. These two directions bring good fortune and wealth to the restaurant owners. The main entrance should look attractive and cheerful, which will bring favorable energy to the restaurant. 


The southeast direction is best for the kitchen of the restaurant. This is considered the most auspicious direction to keep the burner. 

Seating arrangement

As per Vaastu Shastra, the seating arrangement in a restaurant plays a crucial role in the overall energy flow of the space. Therefore, the seating area should be located in the north or east direction, as these are the directions of peace and tranquillity. It is also important to consider the furniture placement in a restaurant, as this can impact the energy flow. 

Washrooms in the Restaurant

As per the principles of Vastu for restaurants the washrooms or toilets must never be placed near the kitchen. The walls of the kitchen do not touch the walls of the toilet. Also, the toilets should be constructed in the North-West or West direction. 

Plants for Restaurant

When it comes to restaurants, Vaastu experts believe that plants can have a positive impact on business. This is because plants are living things that emit positive energy, which can help to attract customers and promote good luck.


Having meals outside with family is a standard these days. In this condition, it is important to follow some simple Vastu tips for your restaurants to attract more customers. Moreover, it improves the food’s quality and taste, which entices customers to return to the same restaurant. If you are looking for bespoke cafe furniture then explore our sleek and stylish furniture today at and follow us on Instagram @the.mastercrafts. 

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